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I am your health food store. You buy one meal per day from me ( the healthiest thing on the planet that costs less than a burrito at taco bell) I guide, coach, motivate, inspire, hold you accountable, answer your questions pick you up when you are down, and connect you with a committed group of people who are all heading the same direction… for the price of a burrito…

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You can earn income by inviting others to join you on your fitness journey.  And as a Coach, you save 25% on all future products (like your monthly Shakeology).  No experience is necessary, and you don’t have to already be in shape.

People everywhere are overweight and struggling because of the economy.  But with Team Beachbody, we have the solution to BOTH problems!  You can get fit both physically AND financially, by helping others do the same!




What is a Coach?

Someone who is working on their own fitness, and is interested in helping others do the same. One way we do this is with online Challenge Groups. We join and/or run Challenges and encourage others to join us.  It’s a fun way to stay on track with our own fitness and help others at the same time…SUPER FUN!  We are also “tour guides”, who guide people to the help they need by pointing them to websites, information, and systems already in place.  No experience is necessary.

If you’re doing the workouts and using Shakeology, people will ask YOU what you’re doing to look so good!  You can help share with them!

Beachbody coaching is more than fitness, it’s our own slice of heaven. And you can do it all from home! LEARN MORE

Why Become a Coach?

There are several different reasons why people become Coaches:

1) For wholesale prices.  Some people become a Coach so they can save 25% on their Beachbody products (like wholesale Costco Membership).  This saves you $33 on Shakeology alone!

2) To help a few people and  make a little extra money. You can make some extra income by simply offering to help people who are wanting to lose weight.  You can share what you’re doing, invite people to join you, and send them to YOUR website rather than having them order off TV or randomly online (you will instantly have marketing websites just like these that you can share:,,  You make 25% commission on retail sales, and other bonuses, too.  This can help you at least pay for your own product, make a car payment, widdle away at debt, or do a little extra shopping!

3) To make a FULL time income by helping people with BOTH fitness and finances.  If you take this seriously and treat it like a REAL business, you can make REAL income – RESIDUAL income by inviting people to join your team.  Throught team work, you can impact thousands through people helping people.  You could fire your boss, have your time freedom, be home with your family, travel, financial freedom, or whatever you desire!  What do YOU want?  You can make it happen!

WATCH THESE!   Introducing Team Beachbody:

Whats YOUR Big Dream?

Our Annual Coach Summit – Join in Nashville this coming July!!

What do YOU want out of life? If you’re not happy with your body or your income level, YOU can change that!  This is a solution that works if you do!  I can help at what ever level you desire.  Just let me know what you want to achieve and I’ll show you the way.   I talk about and share what I am doing for my fitness and nutrition (Shakeology) and I invite others to join me!  I started off by just trying to pay for my Shakeology but I have been to Florida, Vegas, going to Cancun in one week, Nashville in July and a Cruise next year!  We were able to purchase a new car and have extra spending money each month.  Best part is…I am helping people get healthy and fit! I wake up every morning SO thankful that I have this a try.

How do you make money and what is the potential? The potential is HUGE! CLICK HERE for compensation plan video, earnings, and other documents.

How much does it cost to become a Coach?

Option 1: $39.95, and then just $15.95/mo after the first month (on both options).

Option 2: FREE sign up if you purchase a Challenge Pack during enrollment (same price as ordering retail)!

► YES! I Want Join Your Team and Become a Coach!

Business Opportunity

If you are looking for a low risk, high reward business opportunity that you can work from home…look no further. Click through now to read about the Top 10 advantages of being involved with your own Team Beachbody business. LEARN MORE

Accountability Partners

We have been there, done that, failed, picked ourselves up and marched on. We are a team of people just like you that support one another because we’ve been there before and have seen the difference it made when someone was there for us! LEARN MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t run into something this good without some really great questions. We’ve attempted to answer as many as we can in our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. When there is anything else that you have a question on, please feel free to JUST ASK

Successful Coach Stories

Every single one of these stories comes from someone just like you. Someone who works hard to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. The key is that they saw a dream and simply made it a reality. READ MORE

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