Post Halloween Candy Detox


Even the healthiest of us can get into a little too much Halloween fun and while I try to strive for moderation, we all can go a bit overboard sometimes (and that is ok)!!  Here are some tips on how to get yourself back on track….and if you don’t think you need to, try this:  can you go 1 day with no added sugary sweet treats? Can you go 2?  If you are irritable and frustrated because you feel candy calling your, or the donuts that were brought in, or the pie left over…it’s time to get yourself back on track.


  1. Drink more water: make it your priority for the next few days especially.  Water will help flush out toxins that come for over indulging…whether it be Halloween Candy or some other sweet treats.  You should aim to drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day.  Bare minimum should be 64 ounces.  If you struggle to drink water, consider options that could help like downloading the water tracker app onto your phone to help remind you, or put rubber bands on yourwater refillable water bottle or large glass and when you have removed all the rubber bands, you have hit your quota for the day.  If you can’t handle just water all the time, try La Croix water or sparkling water or add some fresh fruit to your water bottle.strawberryxwater
  2. Break the sugar addiction: Eating sugar only makes you crave more sugar!!  #truth Sugar signals the brain and you just want more or you go crazy.  You probably know exactly what I am talking about.  To cut that craving cycle, you can try doing a 3 Day Refresh which is an all natural gentle cleanse (not the kind that makes you run to the bathroom 24/7 either) that helps get you back on track with your nutrition.  Also, focus on eating whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruit.  Try to get only natural sugar in your diet for the next several days to help break that craving cycle.3-day-refresh-box-1
  3. Donate your candy to the troops or consider the Switch Witch: Remove the candy from your home…out of sight, out of mind, right?  That’s what I do when I know there is something I just can’t control myself around. That way I can’t even sneak a piece when no one is looking…if it is not there, I am not going to get in the car and go buy some.  If possible, have your kids pick some favorites and then donate the rest gets donated to the Troops or maybe your dentist is participating in the Switch Witch.  You can offer to get them a special toy or do something fun in return for giving up all that candy.troops
  4. MOVE IT! Get your metabolism going by getting in at least a 30 minute sweat fest ever day this week. bodxdevices Bike, walk, take a class or do a work on Beachbody On Demand .  Not only does exercise release happy feel good endorphins, but it will help you burn extra calories and shed those unwanted pounds as well as give you power to get through the rest of your day.  I was up by 5 am and knocked out Insanity Plyometrics post Halloween and it felt great to get it done. Accountability really is the key to success. I can tell you that my challengers are back on track today, drinking their water and I share tips to help them stay on track in our closed accountability and support group. Having a community of support around you is the very best thing you can do for yourself and for others.   Are you plugged in? If not, visit my EVENTS on my page for my upcoming groups or send me a message at [email protected] for more information.

It’s totally up to you!  Take control of your health and fitness now and imagine where you can be in 30 days or 60 day!  There is time, even during the holidays, to turn things around. It is not about depriving yourself of everything you enjoy but about living a balanced life!  80-20 rule is how we spend the holiday season!  How about you?

Thanks for checking out my blog today!  Have a wonderful November 1st!!

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