Nuts and Seeds Are Healthy

Soak your nuts

I am betting you know that nuts and seeds are healthy and a great, quick snack or additive to your salad?  If not, you should know.

I used to eat nuts once in a while but they would, of course, be roasted, salted or otherwise covered in chocolate or maybe some other goo.  Well, all that stuff negates the benefits of why the heck you are eating the nuts anyway.  I know what you are thinking…”Yuck!”  Well that was my first experience at raw cashews.  To me, they did not taste good at all.  But, I have tried them over and over consistently and now I LOVE them!  I actually look forward to them so don’t knock something until you try it…over and over and over .  You might be surprised like I was and start to enjoy them.

As I have shared before, this is my  journey to learning how and why to eat healthier.  So I have incorporated nuts and seeds into my daily diet.  Either a very small portion for snack or I add to my salad as a healthy fat.  Nuts are a great vegetable source for protein and healthy fats.  You cannot eliminate fat completely from your daily diet…you have to have some.

Rather than repeat, I would like to refer to this awesome article about the health benefits of Almonds:  Almonds Healthy Benefits

You should also know that nuts and seeds should be soaked for maximum nutrition value: Why you should soak nuts and seeds

Try your hand at homemade almond milk.  Here’s what you should know: Almond Milk Recipe and info

Make sure you get some nuts our seeds in your daily nutrition and be careful of your portions…keep them small.  These all should be unprocessed, not salted or altered in any way.  And try different ones: pumkin seeds, cashews, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc.  Each one has different benefits so don’t just stick to one.  Enjoy!



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