Can You Eat “Clean” on a budget?

Always on everyone’s mind: is it more expensive to eat “clean”? Here is a great ‪#‎factfriday‬ find that helps you select healthy and affordable foods!


And if you eat the right porportions, you really can spend less than when buy packaged/processed foods. Eating empty carbs or the wrong foods can cause you to be more hungry and then you eat more. People ask me often…”Am I going to be hungry?”. Answer…not if you eat the right portions of the right foods.

You are important and Everyone matters. Take the time to learn how to eat better. It is a learning process that does not happen over night…I am a work in progress and continue to learn how to improve my nutrition and I am not starving myself. I eat better than I did years ago and I thought I was pretty healthy back then. Heck, I eat even better than I did last year and even last month.

What can you do to improve your nutrition?  Start with this article:

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