Clean Eating Challenges




Join one of my clean eating challenge groups and kick start your healthy eating habits.

Nutrition is a HUGE part of being healthy. In fact, no matter how much or how hard you work out regularly, if you’re not eating clean you just won’t get the results you want…or at least the process will go much slower to your goal.

I run clean eating challenge groups regularly with my team. Usually they are for 7 days or 21 days and they are either FREE or require Shakeology along with the clean eating plan. When I was a customer like you I did them, and I still participate in them regularly. They keep me accountable and on track. To me they are the glue that gets me to my fitness goals. I think I would have quit if I wasn’t in challenge groups because doing it alone is so difficult. Being with a support system leads you to success. I want that for YOU, and I want you feeling your BEST!

I love running clean eating challenges because I enjoy giving the support and motivation to people like YOU so you stay on track to your goals as you are doing your fitness program. I get so excited when people get results! They’re also a lot of fun!

There’s always an opportunity to join a clean eating group. Contact me to request a spot in my next challenge group and get more info!  Please follow my blog here for updates on when the next one will be happening!


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