Is Shakeology a Whole Food?

Is Shakeology a Whole Food?   Even though the bag ingredients label indicates that Shakeology really does consist of whole food products, it’s hard to understand why that should matter or what it really means. My opinion is that you shouldn’t be putting anything into your body in the name of health and wellness that[…]

CIZE: Check out our newest program from Shaun T coming out this summer!!

It’s the End of Exer- CIZE (To be the first to be notified upon the release of CIZE, click here to put in your name and email.)   Shaun T does it again with his latest program, Cize. Tired of squats, lunges, push-ups, and boring cardio?  Then pay attention because you’re about to look forward to[…]

To juice or not to juice??

 So today I was shopping at Whole Foods and decided to splurge on a Cold Pressed Juice.  I have tried them before and it was not bad but I have had green juices and smoothies before.  If you are someone new to drinking dark leafy green juice, baby steps…try Spinach first.  The more often you[…]