Understanding GUT Health and What You Can Do to Help

GUT HEALTH Do you understand the importance of a healthy Gut?  Do you know what an unhealthy Gut is? Do you know how to get a healthy Gut and keep it that way? If you don’t know the answer to all of the above, you should find out. First, take a peek at this…learn the[…]

Nuts and Seeds Are Healthy

I am betting you know that nuts and seeds are healthy and a great, quick snack or additive to your salad?  If not, you should know. I used to eat nuts once in a while but they would, of course, be roasted, salted or otherwise covered in chocolate or maybe some other goo.  Well, all[…]

Connect with Mother Earth and Feel Better

What I learned today…to really connect with earth.  Why we should walk barefoot…not on cement or carpet or flooring but really on the ground.  Be it grass, dirt or sand.  Stand, walk, run or lay down and get those negative ions from Mother Earth. I am sharing this information that I received in an email[…]

Can you get by on just 1200-1400 Calories in one day?

This is why so many people can’t get by on 1200-1400 calories in one day…because of eating the wrong calories. One meal can equal all the calories your body needs in a day.  Then, you get hungry because that junk food burns off and your body needs fuel. Not only is highly processed, packaged foods[…]

Can You Eat “Clean” on a budget?

Always on everyone’s mind: is it more expensive to eat “clean”? Here is a great ‪#‎factfriday‬ find that helps you select healthy and affordable foods! And if you eat the right porportions, you really can spend less than when buy packaged/processed foods. Eating empty carbs or the wrong foods can cause you to be more[…]