15 Minute AB Burnout

Work Your Core! Why?  Not just for the reason most people say…they want to look better.  I get it, we all do. But think more about the true need to have a strong core.  Your core is not only your abdominals but also your back…and muscles that connect like hip flexors can be affected.  It[…]

Join the Beachbody Health Bet Starting January 9th, 2017!!

It’s that time of year…where we reflect on 2016…what we did accomplish and what we did not.  It’s time for me to take a few moments and really take note of what I am thankful for, proud of, and what an amazing year my family and I have had.  It is also a time where[…]

5 Moves to Flatten Your Stomach

Everyone has abs but you do need to exercise to keep them in shape.  Abdominals also help support your back (of which you also need to exercise your back as well 🙂 )  Also, keep in mind Abs are made in the kitchen.  What’s that mean?  You have to eat healthy and in the right portions[…]

10 Minute Ab Workout

  I can’t even stress how important core strength is…both your back muscles and abdominals.  You should definitely make sure you exercise your core effectively and efficiently.  Never do any exercise if it does not feel right to you or something is painful.  If you have any issues, conditions, injuries, etc., please make sure you[…]

Chocolate Energy Balls

So, I love my Shakeology! I drink it EVERY morning for breakfast or I have it for lunch…even dinner on occasion…without fail! It’s helped me to maintain my weight, gives me energy and so much more. So needless to say, it’s my fav!!   I like to have ready made snacks on hand so that[…]

Why Am I Gaining Weight Instead of Losing??

Why am I gaining weight?? I keep getting this question right around the week 2 or week 3 mark. So did some digging to see what kind of information I could find. Low and behold I found a great post by Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboJam, TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme and many other fitness programs. Chalene[…]