15 Minute AB Burnout

Work Your Core! Why?  Not just for the reason most people say…they want to look better.  I get it, we all do. But think more about the true need to have a strong core.  Your core is not only your abdominals but also your back…and muscles that connect like hip flexors can be affected.  It[…]

10 Minute Ab Workout

  I can’t even stress how important core strength is…both your back muscles and abdominals.  You should definitely make sure you exercise your core effectively and efficiently.  Never do any exercise if it does not feel right to you or something is painful.  If you have any issues, conditions, injuries, etc., please make sure you[…]

Why Am I Gaining Weight Instead of Losing??

Why am I gaining weight?? I keep getting this question right around the week 2 or week 3 mark. So did some digging to see what kind of information I could find. Low and behold I found a great post by Chalene Johnson, creator of TurboJam, TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme and many other fitness programs. Chalene[…]


  I posted this the other day on my page but wanted to share it here for those that may not have seen it. This awesome full body workout will have you looking lean and toned in no time at all! Be prepared to feel the burn after only a few reps and see results[…]

PiYo: Low Impact – High Intensity Fitness

Chalene Johnson’s PIYO: Low Impact High Intensity Fitness Truthfully, how many of you do not LOVE exercise?  Sure, maybe you love how you feel when you’re done, but generally, exercise really HURTS your body and exacerbates aches and pains and then you don’t look forward to it. When you start, you just want to get it[…]