Understanding GUT Health and What You Can Do to Help

GUT HEALTH Do you understand the importance of a healthy Gut?  Do you know what an unhealthy Gut is? Do you know how to get a healthy Gut and keep it that way? If you don’t know the answer to all of the above, you should find out. First, take a peek at this…learn the[…]

MYTH: If I want toned abs, I should do ab exercises ?

TRUTH: Nope! You CAN’T spot-burn fat from your body (any body part). Focusing on one muscle group vs. another does not melt fat from that area…abs to buns to biceps.  You need a steady plan for your entire body to achieve your goals.   If you start going back to the gym (or where ever[…]

Blondie Cookies

HELLO BLONDIES!!! Quite honestly, I was not sure I would like these but I thought it was worth a try.  Guess what?  They are delicious!  DO NOT let the ingredients fool ya because they really do taste good.   You just have to try them to find out yourself. I decided to give them a[…]

15 Minute AB Burnout

Work Your Core! Why?  Not just for the reason most people say…they want to look better.  I get it, we all do. But think more about the true need to have a strong core.  Your core is not only your abdominals but also your back…and muscles that connect like hip flexors can be affected.  It[…]

Join the Beachbody Health Bet Starting January 9th, 2017!!

It’s that time of year…where we reflect on 2016…what we did accomplish and what we did not.  It’s time for me to take a few moments and really take note of what I am thankful for, proud of, and what an amazing year my family and I have had.  It is also a time where[…]