Understanding GUT Health and What You Can Do to Help

GUT HEALTH Do you understand the importance of a healthy Gut?  Do you know what an unhealthy Gut is? Do you know how to get a healthy Gut and keep it that way? If you don’t know the answer to all of the above, you should find out. First, take a peek at this…learn the[…]

MYTH: If I want toned abs, I should do ab exercises ?

TRUTH: Nope! You CAN’T spot-burn fat from your body (any body part). Focusing on one muscle group vs. another does not melt fat from that area…abs to buns to biceps.  You need a steady plan for your entire body to achieve your goals.   If you start going back to the gym (or where ever[…]

Blondie Cookies

HELLO BLONDIES!!! Quite honestly, I was not sure I would like these but I thought it was worth a try.  Guess what?  They are delicious!  DO NOT let the ingredients fool ya because they really do taste good.   You just have to try them to find out yourself. I decided to give them a[…]